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 ^Name^Room^Phone^Email^ ^Name^Room^Phone^Email^
-|Helpdesk| Foyer b-it |73-69361|[[]]| 
 |IT-Leitung: Thomas Thiel|0.010|73-60700|[[]]| |IT-Leitung: Thomas Thiel|0.010|73-60700|[[]]|
 |Leszek Paszkiet|0.015|73-60703|[[]]| |Leszek Paszkiet|0.015|73-60703|[[]]|
 |Ignatios Souvatzis|0.009|73-60701|[[]]| |Ignatios Souvatzis|0.009|73-60701|[[]]|
 |Christian Roggendorf|0.009|73-60702|?| |Christian Roggendorf|0.009|73-60702|?|
-|Office SHK|0.014|73-60707| - |+|Office SHK|0.014|73-60707| [[]] | 
 +**Location of the helpdesk**