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Instant Messaging Services

At this time, we have two distinct messaging services available for you:

1. Matrix

Matrix is a decentralised, real-time, open-source communication protocol. We provide the webbased IM client Element for you, which takes advantage of full client to client encryption and shows comparable usage to services like Whatsapp etc., but without all the privacy horrors attached.

You can login to the service via You need a computer science/b-it account to login there (username/password). There are mobile Clients available, i.e. for Android or Apple IOS. Our Matrix Domain is called “”. Here are the generic Login Informations in case you want to use your own clients:

Username: <your username in the C.S.Dept>

In the Matrix-Network, users are identified by a prefixed “@”, rooms by a prefixed “#” and communities by a prefixed “+”. This prefix is followed by an identifier (i.e. a username or a roomname), which is divided from the home domain of the referenced resource by a colon:

local user:
local room:
local community:

If you want to use the Voice/Videocall functions, please be advised that these calls are managed through a server called '', which is an external service with no association to us. If you are concerned about this, please do not use these functions at all and use our BBB-Servers instead.

Please read our data security notice about Matrix.

2. XMPP/Jabber

A classic messaging service based on XMPP/Jabber is to be found on our server “”. A rudimentary webplatform is available here, but a native XMPP-Client would be a better choice for connecting.

Please use “<username>” and your central computer science paswort for authorization to our xmpp server. If your client cannot retrieve the connection parameters from DNS, your can issue the following parameters:
Password:central computer science password