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News and Service Indications

Here you will find recent Information and Service Indications for our infrastructure. If you are interested to receive these informations via email, please subscribe to We are using this list to announce technical issues, maintenance windows and the results of these proceedings.

2023-12-11: Eduroam was out or order

As the Universities Computing Center conveyed (see there for news), the Eduroam access is out of order.

Eduroam is working again.

Members and students of the Computer Science department and the B-IT can also use our own wireless network "802.1X".

2023-12-12/13: TVS maintenance window

The tutorial assignment system is operational again.

This semester's data will be available until end of semester.

TVS will not be available on 12th and possibly 13rd of December from 10am to 12pm, while doing a software update. If you still need your data, please read them out before. This will also be possible afterwards, of course,

2023-08-07: Change of WiFi Certificate of C.S.dept. and B-IT

Today we did renew the certificate for our wifi infrastructure. At the same time we switched over to the new certification authority hosted by the DFN (GEANT, just like the HRZ did some days before, you may remember the mail about eduroam).

This means that all wifi configurations of your devices that are used to connect to the computer science dept. or the b-it (eduroam-cs and 802.1X) have to be reconfigured to check for the new certificate/and or CA.

You will find the current fingerprints and certificate downloads at the usual place.

The VPN service is *not* affected by these changes.