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Room Booking System

The room booking system is available at .

General Informationen

The Institut of computer science is using the software “Booked Scheduler” for alle room reservations. All users will be assigned to a group.

Account creation

For the creation of a personal account please contact the GSG group.
We need this information:

  • Name
  • First name
  • Computer science group
  • E-Mail
  • Optional: Telefon number

A created account will be assigned to a computer science group and can only reservate rooms that are owned by this computer science group.


To book a room, select “Schedule” and then “Booking”.

Select the correct Room-Schedule in the drop-down menu.
Hint: The CIP-Pools do have their own Schedule, so it is possible to book individual rows. All other rooms can be found in their respective computer science group Schedules.

To reserve a room or a row for CIP pools, press and hold the left mouse button and mark the time period you want to reserve.

To book several rooms at once, you can click on “change” under resources to add more rooms or rows. Make sure that the additional rooms are not already reserved.

  1. Make sure that the start and end time are correct.
  2. Enter the reservation title. This is displayed first to all other users in the reservation view, as shown in Figure 2.
  3. If possible, add names under description of the reservation, e.g. instructors for exercises.
    You can also enter other important information here.
  4. Under Type, select the type of reservation.

Hint: List of participants and invited persons will not be used.

To book rooms repeatedly, select “Weekly” under “Repeat”. Now you can set how many weeks the booking should be repeated and on which days it should take place. Alternatively, you can select a date as the end of the repetition.