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-====== Guest account ​for WiFi  ====== +====== Guest accounts ​for WiFi  ======
-Guests of the University can get access to the **gast-bonnet** for the duration of their symposium. The guest accounts necessary for this can be supplied via email from the HRZ to the host of the University of Bonn.+
-Guests need only WiFi-capable device ​and working ​browser to connect.+The IT Administration of IfI/b-it is providing ​delegated guest account management for divisions ​and working ​groups of the computer science dept., available through the following web interface:
-The [[|Netadmin]] requires ​the following ​information from the host:+https://​​ (only available from inside the Institute'​s network) 
 +The necessary login can be obtained by request of the respective dept. heads by informal ​[[​subject=Antrag auf Gastsponsoring|email]] to us. All users without login to this interface have to contact us per [[mailto:​|email]] to obtain guest accounts. 
 +A guest with a valid guest account can connect to the guest network as following: 
 +  * activate WiFi and connect to the SSID "​**CP1GUEST**"​. The necessary Passphrase is available on the handouts. 
 +  * start a Webbrowser and navigate to a random site of your choosing. Some operating systems are detecting that an additional authentification has to take place and will automatically start a webbrowser with the guest login form. 
 +  * enter the guest account credentials and follow the instructions on your screen. Your system is now registered for internet access and stays that way until your account expires.
-  * When is the symposium? 
-  * Where is the symposium? Not all areas of the University are covered by WiFi, therefore the exact location of the symposium should be supplied 
-  * How many guests do you expect? Please state the maximum number of guests (if you aren't sure, err on the side of caution and state a higher number) 
-  * What is the name (or a shortened form) of the symposium? This short form is required as a "​Realm",​ users log in as (for example): gast0001@Realm. The "​Realm"​ can be anything, but it's preferable for it to have some relation to the symposium.