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-====== Printaccount ====== +~~NOTOC~~ 
-**The historicalpreviously used printaccount will not be used any furthernew system, which will be free of chargeswill take place soon**+ 
 +<HTML> <div class "tpl_info"> The print-accounting system has been in operation since 08.08.2018. </div><br></HTML> 
 +====== Print Services ====== 
 +The printaccounting has been completely reworked and is now in the computer science their place. 
 +===== New Printing System ===== 
 +The new printing system works as follows: 
 +Every student starts with 50 sheets printed balance. 
 +Each montheach student will automatically be credited with 50 sheets of print credit to the corresponding account. 
 +If you want to print larger documents, you can "save" them even over months. Thus, the 50 sheets add up to the printer account of the students month after month, but only up to a maximum amount of 300 sheets. 
 +Credit on the printer account can __not__ be paid out. 
 +===== Printing is not possible ===== 
 +If you can not print on a printer, please first check your account balance and the status of your order on the website [[|]]?
 +If your credit has been used up, unfortunately you have to wait until next month. 
 +===== Charge your account ===== 
 +There is no possibility to recharge the printer account. So students are bound to the 50 sheets / month. 
 +===== Old Stock ===== 
 +The amounts paid in the old system were transferred to the new system (if they could be uniquely assigned to a user account). 
 +If your existing balance is less than 300 sheets, we have added one Euro starting balance, but a maximum of 300 sheets total credit to your account. 
 +__Old debts can not be paid back.__ 
 +If you believe that you are missing money from your printer accountplease send us an e-mail to [[ |]]. 
 +===== Current Print Balance and Print Statistics ===== 
 +The current print balance can be viewed here together with the print statistics: [[| ]]. 
 +This server might only be reached from the CS internal network (eg. 802.1X wifi). 
 +2ct equals 1 sheet. 
 +===== I have a question about printaccounting ===== 
 +Please send us an email to [[ |]] or come to our office hours in our office (room 0.014, 0.009 or 0.010).