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 ====== ZKS - Access Control System ====== ====== ZKS - Access Control System ======
 +The new access card system has not been installed yet.
-===Chip card=== +Check back here for further info later.
-The current access control mechanism applied at the institute uses a transponder chip card (How to get this card?), which enables you to access following rooms: +
- +
-^Building ​      ​^Room ​          ​^Description ​   ^ +
-|AVZ III         ​|A106\\ A227   ​|Department III - PC Pools \\ Located in the Altbau at Römerstraße 164.  | +
-|AVZ III        |C3\\ C4\\ C5 (with privileges)\\ C6| Central PC Pools with UNIX and WINDOWS. \\ Located in the containers at Römerstraße 164. | +
-|LBH         |Entrance \\ E.15 \\ E.58 \\ I.28 \\ I.34 \\ II.28 \\ II.45 \\ II.79 | Main entrance and labs at the Landesbehördenhaus. \\ Located at Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 144 | +
- +
-The rooms C3, C4 and C6 can be accessed from 8am to 9pm on workdays. To access others rooms, you need special privileges, which are assigned seperately and only if needed. Ask your department, docent or the Helpdesk on how to get privileged access rights. +
- +
-===In case of loss or damage=== +
-You will get your first access card (actually both) for free. But should you lose one of these, we will have to charge you 7 Euros for any replacement card. The sum will be deducted from your printing account, so make sure it is balanced, if you want to get a new access card.+