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Students Account for LSI

Apply for a new account

If you want to apply for an b-it-account for Life Science Informatics, please consider following:

  • You must be enrolled in b-it as a Student and study LSI as major.

For applying an account, please go to the terminals either in Informatik-Neubau (Room 0.014 or Foyer b-it) in Endenicher Allee 19A. To apply, you have to give in following informations

  • Do you already have an informatics account? - No
  • Do you want to start giving in your data? - Yes
  • Name: - Your first name
  • Surname: - Your Surname
  • Enrollment Number: - Your enrollment number in b-it partner high schools (both Bonn & Aachen)
  • Number of Semesters: - Your current semester (On your student ID)
  • Street and House number - Please notice: the letter “ß” is NOT supported, please give in “Beispielstrasse 12” instead of “Beispielstraße 12”
  • Zip Code: - Your ZIP Code, 5 numbers
  • City: - Your City
  • Email Address: - Your current Email address, preferably your university email address e.g.

After you have given this data step by step, you will be asked if you want to change your input. If you don't see any mistake, you can continue by pressing NO . After this step, your data will be stored in our systems and an application with your data will be printed on the printer near the terminal. Your account is not active yet. To unlock it, please drop the application signed in one of the following places:

  • Helpdesk of GSG in Foyer b-it
  • GSG-Office, Room 0.014 in Informatikzentrum (Neubau)
  • GSG-Letterbox (In Hörsaalzentrum behind the office of janitors)

You will be unlocked by us as soon as possible.

Extend your existing account

If you already have a CS-Account and it is about to expire, you have to extend it by filling out the extension form on the terminal of GSG or online (only within the Informatics network), sign it and send it to us. If you aren't in the Institutes' building, you can reach this link via VPN or an SSH tunnel.

Please notice:

  • You have to enter your password to extend your account.
  • You have to study Life Science Informatics in b-it

For an extension application, you will need to give in following data:

  • Do you have an account already? - Yes
  • your username - Your username (also referred to as UID), if forgotten: contact us.
  • your password - Your password, if forgotten: contact us.
  • Enrollment Number: - Your enrollment number of b-it partner universites.
  • Number of semsters - current semester

Now you will be asked to change your password because of security reasons. If you have completed this process, you will be shown a list of your data and you can change it if you see any mistake. For further step, an application will be printed out in the printer nearby. Please send this application signed to one of the following places:

  • Helpdesk of GSG in Foyer b-it
  • GSG-Office, Room 0.014 in Informatikzentrum (Neubau)
  • GSG-Letterbox (In Hörsaalzentrum behind the office of janitors)

Your account will be extended by us as soon as possible.


"My Enrollment Number is not in the system"

This is usually the case when you were not yet enrolled while we got the list of the students. Please contact an employee of System Group (GSG) in room 0.014. Please do not forget to bring your Student ID and Personal ID with you.

"When do I have to renew my account?"

The CS or b-it identifier must be extended by 30 November of each year. The extension period is the beginning of the winter semester until the 30th of November of the same year. Please renew your account within the regular extension periods!

"My Account has expired"

If it was not possible for you to renew your account in due time, please contact us in our office in room 0.014. This procedure also applies for students who forgot to extend their accounts at the beginning of the semester.

"I forgot my password"

Please visit us with your student ID and a valid photo ID at our helpdesk in room 0.014.

"I lost my paper application"

Please contact our staff in room 0.014. Please bring your student ID and photo ID with you.

"The password is too easy"

To construct a password for a computer science / b-it identifier, the following criteria must be met:

  • password must contain a minimal of 12 characters
  • first 8 characters must contain:
    1. Latin uppercase letters : A, B, C, … Z
    2. Latin lowercase letters : a, b, c, … z
    3. Arabic numbers : 0, 1, 2, … 9
    4. not alphanumeric characters : #?~:;,.{}()/_=%+-
  • The password must not be part of your login name or your correct name.
  • The character categories should appear mixed (not as in “1Hello2”).
  • Ingredients should not be found in a dictionary or dictionary.
  • Only characters from the above character category are allowed (1-4).

A little tip: think of a word and modify it: Example: Bleistift (engl. Pencil) → B1ejsT.ft (“k” becomes “1”, “i” becomes “j” and “.”)