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News and Service Indications

Here you will find recent Information and service indications for our infrastructure. If you are interested to receive these informations via email, please subscribe to We are using this list to announce technical issues, maintenance windows and the results of these proceedings.

2021-11-11: Discontinuation of the "Azure Dev Tools for Teaching" Program

Due to new licensing provisions, we are no longer able to offer the “Azure Dev Tools for Teaching” licensing program. Via the program formerly known as “Microsoft Imagine” or “Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA)”, students and teaching staff in computer science and B-IT were able to access licensed MS software free of charge.

2021-10-23: BigBlueButton Maintenance

Update: the Upgrade was successfully completed.

Starting at around 11:00 am, we will undergo a comprehensive upgrade of the entire BBB environment to the latest software versions. Since a long overdue restructuring of the load balancing and DB backend systems is pending at the same time, there is unfortunately a longer downtime. Basic functionalities may also be available again at short notice, but the cluster will not be able to develop its full scope of services until late in the afternoon. We expect the work to be completed around 5:00 p.m.

2021-10-01: BigBlueButton slides and whiteboard functionality available again

a workaround for the problem has just been implemented; Currently running BBB meetings will not benefit from this yet, but the following ones will once again have slides and whiteboard functionality.

Please note that the workaround may fail on some systems due to cached redirects; if this happens on your browser, please clear all of your browser caches that are associated with the BBB nodes bbb-node* or use a alternative browser until the redirects in your standard browser have expired.

Thus, the full functionality of the BBB should be restored for the time being.

2021-10-01: BigBlueButton service without slide functionality

Probably as a result of yesterday's problem, no more slides can currently be displayed in the BBB. Thank you to everyone who reported the problem to us, we are already busy solving the problem.

2021-09-30: BigBlueButton service back online

Our BigBlueButton Instance is back online.

2021-09-30: BigBlueButton service temporarily unavailable

The load-balancing layer of our BigBlueButton Instance is temporarily unavailable. We are working on the problem.

2021-09-17: overleaf back online

Overleaf is once again up and running. All Accounts need to be re-created due to the Database-Errors.

2021-08-06: unscheduled downtime of overleaf

Due to inconsistencies in the DB backend, the overleaf instance of the C.S.Dept. is down at the moment.

2021-07-27: unscheduled downtime of BigBlueButton, a b-it fileserver and some VMs

Update: All central services are by now fully available again.

Due to problems with the storage backend of an older virtualization cluster, there are currently massive problems when using some VMs, in particular:

  • BigBlueButton Load Balancer (
  • a central file server of the B-IT

as well as the machines

  • vm-wuebbel-01
  • sentry
  • mail-info4
  • bbb4mm
  • leonov
  • inf1-srv-01

The affected systems are immediately shut down completely in order to accelerate the repair of the affected storage backend. After repairs have been completed, the systems will be moved to a newer cluster in the short to medium term.

The central BigBlueButton IT service is also affected, the individual BBB servers are available (ongoing conferences are not affected), but new rooms cannot be opened or existing ones can be entered. I hope to be able to use the load balancer again tomorrow at the latest.

I apologize for the inconvenience, we are working on eliminating the problem.

2021-06-07 External Connectivity Issues

Last night and today in the morning we had some connectivity issues due to a problem with our uplink to the Hochschulrechenzentrum (HRZ). The HRZ has issued a maintenance report regarding this incident:

The problem has been solved by now.

2021-05-31 Loss of All Network Connectivity.

There has been a complete breakdown of all network connections within computer science at about ~17:00 due to an error in the Stack communication of our central router. Individual stack participants got into repetitive reboot loops. We could find the source of the problem and eliminate it. All services should be available again.

2021-05-14 Downtime Staffhomes I/II/IV/V/theory/zentral ended.

The staffhomes on these filesystems are available again, e.g. on login-staff:

  • /home/I
  • /home/II
  • /labor/II
  • /home/IV
  • /home/V
  • /home/theory

2021-03-30: Overleaf Instance in the C.S.Dept./B-IT

For all users of the c.s. Dept and the B-IT, we are now maintaining an overleaf instance for collaborative publishing.

More Informations about this can be found here

2021-03-01: New SSH Login Servers

We deployed two new ssh login servers for you:

for staffers: for students:

The new fingerprints are available at the usual URL:

The old servers will be available for you until friday (2021-03-05, 9:00am). At that time we will shut them down and redirect their DNS names to the new servers for some time to aid your migration there.