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News and Service Indications

Here you will find recent Information and service indications for our infrastructure. If you are interested to receive these informations via email, please subscribe to We are using this list to announce technical issues, maintenance windows and the results of these proceedings.

2019-01-29: Scanning from the multifunction device "feder" in the BYOD room (U1.040)

It is now possible to scan from “feder” not only onto a USB storage device, but also into an E-mail. You have to login first, using the display of “feder” (“Alternate Login”). Please don't forget to log out afterwards.

2018-10-04: Change Account Registration and Extension

The creation and extension of accounts became 02.10.2018. converted to a new graphical system. It is used as an alternative to the well-known text terminal. Accounts and extensions in the main subject require a valid mail address (or s5 .., s4 .., …). Please take care to avoid umlauts (ä, ö, ü, ß) when renewing or renewing the application. The password must consist of the following components:

  1. At least one capital letter (A, B, C, …)
  2. At least one lowercase letter (a, b, c, …)
  3. At least one number (0, 1, 2, …)
  4. At least one special character (except '*')
  5. At least 10 characters long

Account extensions are usually in the period 01.11.-30.11. possible. Please note the warning via e-mail.

For questions, problems or errors please contact the GSG (room 0.014 / 0.009).

2018-09-14: Maintenance WiFi Networks

Due to the continued problems with our core router, we are trying to take some load away from it by changing the routing configuration of our WiFi Networks to other components. Because of that you can expect some outages of the wifi throughout the day.

2018-09-05: Status of the core network routing problem

We just experienced another network outage, which was intended this time to collect data for the problem analysis of the hardware vendor. We continue to work on a solution, utilizing our support contractor and the hardware vendor.

By now we punched down the possible suspects to the IPv6 core of the router, which now remains disabled to ensure a stable IPv4 operation.

We thank you all four your continuous patience and support.

2018-09-03: Further problems with our central network routing components

As the recent proceedings in patching up our central routers were not successful, we are continuing to experience massive problems with our core network, resulting in massive performance issues and complete blackouts of network connectivity. This problem is of a non-trivial nature, we are continuing to investigate the issue, utilizing our support partners and the hardware vendor itself.

At the moment we seem to have pinned down the problem to the IPv6 core of the router. To stabilize the situation as good as possible, we have disabled IPv6 routing for the time being, hoping to reactivate it after resolving the problem.

Please continue to be patient and remember that the whole setup in this building is completely new, some problems simply were to be expected.

2018-08-31: Maintenance window of central network routing components

In the time between 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. we will update the central routing components. As a direct result there will be total network service outages during this period in the whole c.s. dept. and the b-it. We apologize for the inconvenience.

2018-08-28: Outage of network connectivity

We just experienced a breakdown of the central routing components of the c.s. dept and b-it. the problem was corrected and we are investigating the cause.

Thank you for your patience.

Commissioning the new print account

The printing system known from the Römerstraße is online in a revised version since Monday, 06.08.2018. Further information can be found in the tab “ Print Services”.

Guest WiFi available for Workshops and conferences etc.

For any sort of special event or just for short-time guests we are now offering temporary access to our WiFi infrastructure through a sponsored guest portal system. If you are hosting an such event or awaiting guests, please contact us for further information.

WiFi network will be down on Friday 2018-07-20

UPDATE: we successfully finished the maintenance on the wifi components. All services are back up again.

Due to maintenance on the primary WiFi infrastructure, the WiFi networks of C.S. Dept. and B-IT will be partially down during the morning.

Please be patient, we will announce the end of the works here.

Thomas Thiel