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Update wrt. the new building

In our new building in Poppelsdorf, we offer the Eduroam access using the SSID eduroam-cs. All other parameters are the same. Some hints for operating systems that don't allow you to set all necessary parameters manually:


  1. proceed as described by the HRZ (see below) using the normal MacOS Eduroam/Uni-Bonn installer (this also installs the necessary certificates)
  2. afterwards, install the profile provided here soon - until then, ask us for it.

old content

Education Roaming (eduroam) is an initiative allowing employees and students of participating universities and organizations to access the internet at any site of participating organizations, using their own username and password or personalized X.509 user certificate via Wifi or LAN.

The benefit of eduroam is that it is not only available at the Institute of Computer Science's locations, but also in any other buildings of the University of Bonn, as well as other participating Universities - both national and international.

Everything you need to know to install this service on your device can be found on the HRZ website.

More about Eduroam
Official eduroam website