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<alert warning> Until we managed to migrate to the new CA ourselves, only the old CA certificate is valid for the connection to eduroam-cs! We will finish this migration in the next few days. then you will be able to use the new CA just like in the mailing from the HRZ. This migration will be announced here separately.</alert>

Generic Information

Education Roaming (eduroam) is an initiative allowing employees and students of participating universities and organizations to access the internet at any site of participating organizations, using their own username and password or personalized X.509 user certificate via Wifi or LAN.

The benefit of eduroam is that it is not only available at the Institute of Computer Science's locations, but also in any other buildings of the University of Bonn, as well as other participating Universities - both national and international.

Nearly everything you need to know to install this service on your device can be found on the HRZ website.

Specific hints for the Informatics + B-IT building

In the new building in Poppelsdorf, we had to name the wireless network 'eduroam-cs'. All other connection parameters are the same.

The suffixed SSID is necessary as there are neighboring eduroam networks which interfere with each other. So only the university-wide deployed eduroam network SSID (operated by the HRZ) is called 'eduroam', while other institutions use a suffixed version, just as we do. So if you want to connect to eduroam at the computer science dept., you have to connect to the SSID 'eduroam-cs' instead.

Some hints for a few operating systems that don't allow you to set all necessary parameters manually:

MacOS-X or iOS

  1. proceed as described by the HRZ (see below) using the normal MacOS-X/iOS Eduroam/Uni-Bonn installer (this also installs the necessary certificates)
  2. afterwards, install the profile provided here.


Please download the Eduroam CAT Tool and install it. Then you can create a new Wifi-profile using the connection parameters issued further down below on this site.


Please create a new wifi-profile in your favorite network-manager frontend (or manually of course) using the connection parameters issued further down below on this site.

Quick Guide for Smartphones running Android

for recent Android versions (>4.0), the configuration of eduroam at the computer science dept. is rather simple. Just connect to the SSID “eduroam-cs” and fill in the following dialog with the Values from the table further down below.

If the connection fails due to invalid certificates, please use the CAT Tool to install the necessary certificates, then try again as mentioned above.

Connection Parameters

Please use the following connection parameters:

Parameter Value
SSID eduroam-cs
WPA-Type WPA2 Enterprise
Keytype AES
Phase 2 Authentification PAP
Root Certificate T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2
valid CN (Common Name) Radius-Server Certificates eduroam1, eduroam2
Anonymous Identity
Identity <Uni-ID>
Authentification Server,

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