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Microsoft Imagine Premium

What is the Microsoft Imagine Premium Online License?

he Microsoft Imagine Premium Online License is an academic program, that Microsoft offers only to schools and universities, whose focus is on the field of software development.

This licensing program allows the usage of the offered software on almost any lab system of the participating faculty. In addition to that, the software may be used by any member of those faculties, like staff, teachers or students on their personal computers at home, as long as the software is used in purpose of research or teaching. For further information on how the software may be used by whom, please have a look at section 1b of the official Imagine Premium EULA.

The “Institute für Informatik” has an Imagine Premium subscription and offers its usage to any staff member of the institute and any student enlisted in the subject of computer science, regardless if computer science is the major or minor subject.

This program aims at two goals:

  • Gaining knowledge in working with Microsoft products, that are used in software development - for example development tools, operating systems and server applications.
  • Granting every student access to Microsoft technologies, especially to those who could not afford it by other means.

Please notice: License terms allow the usage of the Imagine Premium products only for teaching, studying or researching purpose. Any usage in any other kind is excluded. This comprises any form of sublicensing, especially selling, letting, leasing or lending. The usage of server products is permitted in labs only and therefore is limited by the license terms. For more informations to license terms take a look at the FAQ or directly at the official Imagine Premium EULA.


A complete list of the Imagine Premium software available can be found on the Imagine Premium page. Many software products in the Imagine Premium program may be downloaded directly from the Microsoft download server - each version but only once. Some software packages will provide you with a license key via e-mail sent to you, while other software packages will contain the key in the package already.

With the Imagine Premium program there are over 192 software products available.

Sign up

To get acces to Imagine Premium you need to sign up first. The registration has two requirements:

  • you must be student of computer science, it does not matter if computer science is your major or minor.
  • you need an account at the institute of computer science Find out how to get one here.

If you fullfil these requirements you can registrate here. It may take up to 24 hours until your request will be granted.

Download Software

click here to get to the Imagine Premium server. To register, please use your computer science account name. After a successful registration, you are able to download software packages, that you can install on your computer. You may also create backup copies.


If you experience any problems, please contact us via email. For more general question about Imagine Premium please contact Microsoft Germany GmbH.