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Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

The “Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching” program is meant to for schools, academies and universities that are involved in higher MINT-oriented education. It allows the use of commercial software on private computers of students or teachers involved in this type of education. It aims to be a means of evaluation and experimentation without the high investment costs of buying the original software. Exact information how everything you download may be used by you can be found in the respective EULA you agree to while trying to download the softwares or in the current program licence information.

The Institute of Computer Science has subscribed to this program and offers its usage to any student or staff member of the institute.

This program aims at two goals:

  • Gaining knowledge in working with Microsoft products, that are used in software development - for example development tools, operating systems and server applications.
  • Granting every student access to Microsoft technologies, especially to those who could not afford it by other means.

Please notice: License terms allow the usage of the Imagine Premium products only for teaching, studying or researching purpose. Any usage in any other kind is excluded. This comprises any form of sublicensing, especially selling, letting, leasing or lending. The usage of server products is permitted in labs only and therefore is limited by the license terms. For more informations to license terms take a look at the currently valid license agreements of Microsoft, which you explicitly agree to while using this program.

Sign up

To get access to the Microsoft Azure Dev tools for Teaching you need to sign up first. The registration has two requirements:

  • you must be student of computer science, it does not matter if computer science is your major or minor.
  • you need an email account at the institute of computer science

If you fullfil these requirements you can register here.

Be advised that at the moment a valid email address at the c.s. dept. is absolutely necessary to register to this program. New students are not entitled to such an address anymore, so the access to the program regsitration is at the moment not available for them. Microsoft has changed the original requirements while changing “Imagine Premium” to 'Azure Dev Tools for Teaching“. Microsoft is working on a soultion to this problem, but that could take quite some time to implement.

Download of Alternative Software

click here to get to the old Imagine Premium server. there are still some free software packages for students available there for download. Some cheap software deals are available there, too.


If you experience any problems, please contact us via email.