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Aktuell bieten wir für alle unsere Windows Rechner folgende Software an:

Pakagename Description
7zip Archivemanager for Zip Data
acrobat-reader PDF reader
adobe-brackets -
anaconda2 -
anaconda3 -
ant-renamer -
blender 3D-CAD
chrome Webbrowser
Citavi Literature management program for researching, managing PDF documents, collecting quotations, organizing knowledge, automatically creating bibliographies, working in a team.
classic-shell Windows7 Style Windows context menu for Windows 10
cmake C build Tool
dotnet .NET Framework
filezilla FTP Tool
firefox Webbrowser
Gams General Algebraic Modeling System
Ghostscript A free interpreter of the page description languages PostScript and PDF
GimpProgram for image editing; with extensive tools, effects and filters
GitSCM Git CLI for Windows
GPG4win Encryption software for mails and files
InkscapeEditor for 2D vector graphics in standardized SVG file format; import of images and vectors
IrfanviewFast and compact image viewer
JRE 8.0 Java Runtime Environment (outdated but usable)
KeePasssimple and easy to use program for secure password management
LibreOffice Open-source version to Word, Powerpoint and Exel
MiKTeX LaTeX implementation for Windows
Mu Editor Python Code editor for beginners
Nextcloud Client Desktop-Sync-Client for NextCloud (successor of OwnCloud)
Notepad++Text editor optimized for programming, including syntax highlighting for many programming languages and code convolution
OpenVPN Client open-source VPN software
OwnCloud Client Storage and sync client for the “onwCloud” cloud service
PGAdmin Development and administration of PostgreSQL databases
Putty Tool for (secure) terminal connections (especially SSH)
R Environment for Statistical Calculations and Graphics
R-Studio Development environment for R
Sumatra PDF Alternative viewer for PDF and other formats (e.g. ePub); lightweight and fast
Thunderbird E-mail client
TortoiseGit-Client Git GUI tool
TortoiseSVN-Client TortoiseSVN is a version control software for Microsoft Windows
Orcale VirtualBox Virtualisation software
VLC media player Mediaplayer for many kinds of codecs, videoformats and streams
WinSCP Tool for save transfer of data (SFTP, SCP, FTPS)
Foxit Reader another PDF reader…
OpenJDK 11 Amazon Corretto OpenJDK11
Netbeans 11 Java IDE
Microsoft Office 2007 Microsoft Office suite
Paint.Net Image and photo editing software for Windows
Python 2.7 -
Python 3.7.3 -
SQLDeveloper SQL IDE
Visual Studio Code Allround IDE and texteditor for all kind of languages

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