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How to access your PVM

Once you have successfully applied for a PVM the next step will be to access your system. For each PVM assigned to a student the SGN will reserve a DNS name following the pattern shown below:


From our computer pools you will be able to directly access your PVM.

Access via VNC

Using VNC is a flexible way of getting GUI access to your PVM. Please refer to our VNC Guide for details how to establish a VNC connection. Note that PVMs, like PCs in our computer pool, are not available form a location outside the university network without using ssh or vpn.

Get access form the Linux PC Pool

Getting access to your system form the Linux pool is quite easy. First you need to establish a remote connection via ssh. Use the following command to connect from the Linux command line:

ssh yourUserName@pvm-yourUserName

Once you logged into the system, you will be able to use the linux sudo command. You may customize your system according to your needs.

Authentication Services

The following authentication services are configured on the PVM system:

  • ldap
  • krb5

The ldap and krb5 serivces enable access to your PVM by using your SGN user name and password. To prevent other users from accessing your PVM the configuration in /etc/security/access.conf is set to deny every user except:

  • root
  • admin
  • yourUserName

Please refer to: manpage access.conf for more details.