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Account Management

Depending upon your course and department, there are different ways to apply for a CS account. Please select your course in the table below to show the procedures of applying for an account for your particular course.

Bachelors in InformaticsApplyExtend
Masters in InformaticsApplyExtend
Life Science Informatics(b-it) ApplyExtend
Media Informatics (b-it)ApplyExtend
Guests and FFF program ApplyExtend


"My Enrollment Number is not in the system"

This is usually the case when you were not yet enrolled while we got the list of the students. Please contact an employee of System Group (GSG) in room 0.014. Please do not forget to bring your Student ID and Personal ID with you.

"When do I have to renew my account?"

The CS or b-it identifier must be extended by 30 November of each year. The extension period is the beginning of the winter semester until the 30th of November of the same year. An extension outside this period is also possible, but is very reluctantly seen. Please renew your account within the regular extension periods!

"My Account has expired"

Normally we expect students to apply for an account extension by 30th of November each year. If this was not possible due to certain reasons, please contact us in our office in room 0.014. This procedure also applies for students who forgot to extend their accounts at the beginning of the semester.

"I forgot my password"

That's good and bad. Good, because you seem to have chosen a secure password, which even keeps you from logging in. Bad, because you now have to go to the GSG and have the password reset. Please proceed with your student ID and a valid photo ID to the office of the SHK (room 0.014).

"I lost my paper application"

Actually, you can not lose such a paper application, but as you learned from the movie “White House Down”, you can even lose a bazooka. In this case, please contact our staff in room 0.014 with your student ID and photo ID.

"The password is too easy"

To construct a password for a computer science / b-it identifier, the following criteria must be met:

  • password must contain a minimal of 8 characters
  • first 8 characters must contain:
    1. Latin uppercase letters : A, B, C, … Z
    2. Latin lowercase letters : a, b, c, … z
    3. Arabic numbers : 0, 1, 2, … 9
    4. not alphanumeric characters : #?~:;,.{}()/_=%+-
  • The password must not be part of your login name or your correct name.
  • The character categories should appear mixed (not as in “1Hello2”).
  • Ingredients should not be found in a dictionary or dictionary.
  • Only characters from the above character category are allowed (1-4).

A little tip: think of a word and modify it: Example: Bleistift (engl. Pencil) → B1ejsT.ft (“k” becomes “1”, “i” becomes “j” and “.”)