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Safety Officer

Saferty Officer for computer science (Neubau)


Safety Officers are contact persons for all colleagues in regard to health and work-safety questions. They are connections between the colleagues and the supervisors. They are to help and advice but are not authorized to issue directives. Problems are to be solved with the supervisors, company medical officer or the work safety committee.
The position of safety officer is complimentary and is not liable in case of neglect.

Safety officers are established in accordance with social laws (§ 22 Sozialgesetzbuch VII. Buch (SGB VII)).

They have the following tasks:
  • ensure availability and function of mandatory safety equipment
  • ensuring the proper use of said equipment
  • ensuring the availability of personal safety gear and its proper usage
  • ensure new employees are properly trained
  • accompany company tours
  • participate in accident investigations
  • sign accident reports and ensure elucidation
  • participate on the committee for work safety
  • working together with the company medical officer, work safety specialists and staff council
They may
  • not be penalized for doing this duty
  • directly talk to superiors
  • advice colleagues in case of behaviour conflicting with safety and health regulations
  • immediately intervene in case of unsafe behaviour
  • make suggestions to improve health- and work-safety and work towards their realization
  • talk to work safety specialist, the company medical officer and staff council directly
  • demand information relevant to fulfil their duties
  • access accident reports
  • participate in accident investigations, site inspections and meetings of the work safety committee
  • take the time necessary to fulfil these duties
  • get further training with full payment
  • lay down their office anytime or motion for confidence
They are obliged to
  • support measures for health- and work-safety in their area of responsibility
  • inform superiors about possible health and safety hazards
  • take note of accident reports
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